We have deliverred our products to many customer from home appliances to automobiles and medical devices mainly in Asia. Pleas feel free to contact us for trial stage to mass production.

                          AIR COIL    
  • VCM Coil, Antenna coil, Voice coil, Wire less feed coil etc.
  • There is a winding real product with various wiretype from very thin wire (φ 0.03 to) to Litz wire

                      BOBBIN COIL        
  • Shutter coil, pickup coil, printed coil, solenoid coil etc.
  • Integrated production from molding to winding is possible.

                        FPC ASSEMBLY
  • Camera shake correction unit for digital camera, medical wireless power supply unit, rotation sensor, etc.
  • After winding process, we can assembly PCB (PCB-FPC) with injected parts including over molding.

                        SOLENOID COIL
  • Medical solenoid unit, refrigerant solenoid unit , control system solenoid unit, etc.

  • We do in-house injection parts. Then winding process and over-mold and Insulation & Withstanding test.

                        EDGEWISE COIL
  • Transformers, reactors, etc. (for large industrial machines, vehicles, power related)

  • Wind directly to cut-less core which can achieve high characteristics.(core cross section)